Conceptual Works in

Black and White 2010


These artworks  were done in 2009-2010 in black and white using  black sand, acrylic paint and MDF sheets. Portraits/photographs of  actual people were used in black and white and then posterized using  Photoshop. Various  shapes were cut out from the posterized portrait images to deconstruct and use these  different  jigsaw shaped forms. The process of deconstruction created new portraits or sculptures.  At times some of these posterized cut out  portraits were expanded in open white space like  blown-up portraits to symbolize inflated egos.

One of these days I hope to do some colored versions of these two concepts.

These installation and artworks were done using my own Sandtoning process. . The represent various tones and values as found in shadows.

Shadow Parking

Shadow Parking View 2

Shadow Machine

Exploding the ego of a liberal, independent and a conservative US politician using their portraits.

Putting a liberal face on a conservative skull

(Right Piece)

Making a  3D portrait out of a portrait

The American Values

New American Picket Fence

Taking three portrait of three US politician from Republican, Democrat  and Independent parties and making three types of pickles with them, using  their political values as ingredients

Wasn’t the American Picket Fence always tonal?

Deconstruction of my own Portrait into another portrait

Creeping Shadow